Winter, Yes, But Still Busy on the Farm

We've all been busy, even though it's very much still winter on the farm. Snow, rain, ice and cloudy days don't stop the progress, and animals still need to be fed. snowy pastures

  Which is why Frank and Maddrey have been busy refining a new fodder system, where we are sprouting barley and oats.  We will write in great detail soon if you'd like to create one of your own, and we'll share all of our experiments and discoveries. We expect to reduce our feed costs by 60%, I hear. But for me, it's just fun to see racks of green grass in the basement while there's snow in the pasture. We have three of the racks in the second photo, and once we're at full capacity, we should be able to feed all the horses, pigs, sheep and goats a nice "biscuit" or two every day.

green fodder

rack of fodder

Meanwhile, our chickens (and turkeys) are happy and toasty warm in their "chicken solarium." They have plenty of room to play during the day and a cozy trailer to roost in safely at night. We're finally starting to get the occasional egg as the days grow slightly longer and we get a bit of sun.

Chickens, turkeys, guinea hen

Frank was busy in the woods today - since we finally had a sunny day for him to work a bit. He's beginning to clear a path for fencing, plus harvesting a little timber for firewood and other projects. We plan to fence the entire property, with a second fence inside the first to create a lane. Once that's done, we will temporary fence various parts for horses, cows, pigs, sheep and goats to do their various duties clearing scrub, brush, uprooting small (and large) trees and tree trunks, and healing the soil. But it all starts with getting the perimeter fence up.  And that process started today.  Yay.

snowy woods