The Stowaway

When Frank came up to the farm to begin replacing the roof, he also brought a truck and trailer-load of tools, fencing, equipment... and a lone chicken. This little hen decided that Frank was not leaving without her and she managed to get into the trailer without anyone noticing.  Until Frank made an additional stop to pick up a wood-burning stove and discovered her.  She had settled in nicely but Frank was concerned that she wasn't safe in the trailer and brought her up to the front seat of the truck for the remainder of the ten-hour drive.  Once they were both at the farm, he managed to create a little area for her to be safe during the day - we had no fencing up anywhere and live on a street that gets more traffic that she is accustomed to.  But for the night, she needed her coop.  Always one to be creative, Frank found her a nice cozy home - in the kitchen cabinet.  She was delighted and slept tight until morning, when she was released into her little private yard.