Timber-frame Construction - Shed Number Two

One of the early major projects that had to be handled was the construction of two large sheds as cover for the horses, alpaca, llama and cows.  Frank has experience with timber-framing construction - yes, he cuts the joints with a chisel and ax, and makes the wooden pegs by hand! So into the woods he went, chainsaw in hand, and after several days of chopping, hacking and shaving, here's how it went.  He used the tractor to help hoist the framed pieces, but basically he got it all done completely by himself!  This is Shed Number Two -  I'll show you Shed Number One and how he hoisted those crazy-heavy beams in another post.

Timber framed shed under construction

timber-framed shed under construction

Horse shed under construction

Timber framed shed under construction

#2 Shed Construction