Painted Pepper Farm

We went for a visit to see Lisa today at Painted Pepper Farm so that Frank could give her horse and donkey's feet a trim. It's great when farmers can help out or hire one another, and there are enough folks with special skills handy and willing to throw in.

20130630-172230.jpg The donkey is a cutie, but a donkey nonetheless, and was athletic enough to leap into the air with Frank still holding firmly onto one of its legs. Impressive. But look at that face...

20130630-172343.jpg Lisa has a herd of Nigerian goats and creates yogurt, gelato, and amazing fudge (chocolate and peanut butter favors) which she sells at Farmers Markets as well as local grocery stores. Check out her Facebook page at the link for locations The baby goats are ridiculously cute, bouncing all over the place. We have to goats ourselves (Zelda and Arturo). Maddrey assures me that baby sheep are even cuter... I suspect we'll be getting more sheep than our current herd of two soon.