New Sheep!

It was a long drive to Pennsylvania and back through Connecticut and Massachusetts for Frank to pick up a pony we are boarding, do some horse dentistry and pick up FIVE new Romney sheep! The truck and trailer finally pulled in early this morning and look who is inside:  Ella, Etta, Billie, Regina and Aretha (yes, all named after great female singers, old and new). We chose the Romney breed because of its great wool - but these are a dual-purpose breed, meaning they are yummy to eat (I won't be slaughtering any lambs myself, but someone might). Maddrey can take a sheep, shear it, skirt it, clean it, card it, is-there-something-else-you-do-before-you-spin it and knit it up into anything she wants. So we will be using the heck out of their fleece. Plus, we will be developing a flock to sell to other folks who want to raise their own Romney sheep.

Romney Sheep

Sheep are nice little lawn mowers, and good for milk and cheese. But really, what family farm doesn't need the cuteness factor of a flock of sweet, gorgeous little sheep. 

Romney Sheep in trailer