Hello world!

Welcome to Dovetail Family Farm.  This is our official humble beginning - our first post if you're going back in time and reading the archives years from now, or if you just found us on our first day. Dovetail Family Farm is located in Steuben, ME.  72 acres of pasture, woodlands, blueberries and streams.  We are a true family farm - all of our "employees" are the family - a young couple, one child and another on the way, and a grandmama.  Although we do consider our dogs, cats, horses, cows and other entities to be family as well... until we eat them...

We purchased the former Smithville farm early in 2012.  Frank came up first and replaced part of the roof and built a second story dormer for a new bathroom.  After the school year ended, Maddrey and her son packed up everything and made the move!  Frank had to make about a dozen trips to move all the various animals, furniture, fencing and everything else it takes to move a farm from one state to another.

We are homesteading right now and have a good collection of animals including:

  • several breeds and generations of horses

  • a variety of chicken breeds

  • turkeys

  • a couple of breeds of ducks

  • rabbits

  • goats

  • a llama

  • an alpaca

  • pigs

  • hard working dogs

  • less-than-enthusiastic cats

  • some kind of reptile kept by Maddrey's son. I won't go near it...

We will have fresh eggs once the snow clears and the hens return to laying.

Maddrey will have fiber projects available in her Etsy store as she is periodically overcome by the creative spirit.  Read more about Maddrey here.

Frank is always available for Equine Dentistry.  He serves Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  Read more about Frank here.  Read about his Equine Dentistry here.