Farming and Weather

So if you're thinking about or dreaming about having your own farm, let me recommend that you LOVE weather - any kind of weather and every kind of weather.  Particularly if you're going to farm in a place like Maine, which has itself some WEA-THUH! Having lived in Southern California for over 30 years, where the biggest weather-related decision I made was if I should bring an umbrella and leave early because the freeways would be a mess, Maine is certainly a change.  Also, I was working a 'regular' job - not 9-to-5 because it was in television production, but I had to drive to an office every day and work in a climate-controlled building.  Farming means that the weather becomes your everything.  Weather determines your calendar, your daily schedule, your profit, your dreams, your success or your failure.  She is a tough mistress, but honestly, I'd rather deal with Mother Nature as my boss than the whimsical Corporate World of a 'regular job.' Z-Summer

Lucky for me, I LOVE weather.  I love the drama of wind, I love the wild energy of a storm, I love (briefly) the energy-sucking humidity of a sweltering day in summer.  I love the drifts of snow and winding up face first in it - which I did when I fell taking my dogs outside last week.  I love the constant change, the unexpected storm that blows up and I get to pretend I'm Dorothy frantically searching for Aunt Em as I bring the laundry in from the line.   Z-StormCloudsI love bundling up in four layers of clothes and hats and gloves and balaclava just to go out and feed the turkeys and rabbits - but mostly to stop and stare at the stars that are so overwhelmingly beautiful - stars I've missed seeing for 30 years because of the light pollution of Los Angeles.  I love the crunchy sound of walking in snow.  I love the gear - the right boots, the right gloves, the right coat.   Z-winter I love that this winter will pass in a few months and become Spring - probably just about the time I've actually had enough of it.  We don't really have seasons in Southern California.  There's Summer. And then there's "it's a little cool today, isn't it?" and "boy, it's raining a lot."  And then Summer again.  But in Maine we have SEASONS!  In giant neon letters with sparklers.  Winter is WINTER.   Z-winter-oxen

Autumn is Awesome!


And there's a build-up to each season. A warning, of sorts.


But mostly, weather is the constantly changing, unexpected variable that makes farming and LIFE interesting.  It is Mother Nature's call to us to remember her, even if we are only bothered enough to think, "Ugh, I'll have to find my umbrella."