Chocolate Moose

20130406-151640.jpg Well, it's good to have nice neighbors who call early in the morning to tell us we've got a moose behind the garage. Of course, we all threw on clothes and mud boots and ran outside, as seeing a moose in the flesh was a long-dreamed thrill for us all. There she was, a little, probably 9-10 month old female, looking slightly worse for wear and a little alone. Our neighbor guessed that her mother is probably dead, but we also read that mama moose will run off last year's baby prior to calving this year's crop.

We watched her quite a bit, but not more closely than the horses, who wouldn't come near their food until this creature was gone. And since Frank couldn't feed, he observed her quite a while which allowed him to notice that this poor baby was covered in moose ticks. Being a natural with getting animals to trust him, Frank was able to get close enough to apply a quick line of topical tick killer (Maddrey determined the correct dosage for this baby first). The Ivermectin should also take care of most internal parasites as well. So maybe she'll be a little healthier after her visit to the farm.

Who knows, maybe she'll hang out in our woods!