Hey, we were interviewed by the very delightful Taylor Kinzler from WABI TV-5 News today. We gave Taylor and Cameraman/Artist Brandon (ack, I didn't get your last name, Brandon!) a tour and shared a little bit about what we do here, what we dream of doing and such.

If you'd like to know more about our farm, our horses, our riding lessons, our new indoor arena, farming in Maine, whatever, please leave a comment/question and we'll do our best to answer quickly.

If you have FIELDS TO MOW - you must be within 20 miles of Steuben, have MORE THAN 5 acres of GRASS (or mostly grass), and understand the deal: we mow or brushhog, depending on the quality, of the fields for free. Click on the CONTACT field (or the link here) and tell us where you are and leave us a phone number so Maddrey can get back to you.

If you'd like to know more about our online store TetherMade click on the link. 


If you're interested in our wool roving, wool yarn, dolls, knitted items, leave us a comment and we'll hook you up.

If you're interested in a writing class, let me know and we'll try to put one together. I teach creative writing "Telling Your Story" every so often, when I have a venue I like - and have worked with both adults and children.

If you'd like to get a little "Farm Experience" and enjoy hard work, want to learn, have a little bit of a perfectionist streak, take instructions well, aren't allergic to animals and have some spare time, hey, Contact us!