Long Time Comin'

Okay, I'll admit it: winter beat me. I still love winter and I still love Maine, but, Lordy, this really, seriously, crazy overly-long winter got the best of me. It started off lovely and snowy and "isn't it gorgeous," but after month upon month and record-setting snowfalls and The Worst Crud-Cold-Flu-Whatever that knocked out everyone in our household, I wanted to curl up into a tiny ball of denial when it was snowing, YET AGAIN, in April. But we have had several days of warmer, sunny weather, snow is melting (and bringing mud to replace it), and the days are long enough to get things done.

I will have to go back in time in some future posts for things that I missed (due to my enough-of-this-winter depression and illness), but for right now, I'll report on somewhat current events.

Obviously, the Most Important News is that we have a New Human - Pippa was born (very quickly) just a few weeks ago. We are all grateful that she came quickly, because we were all infected with The Most Awful Cold Ever and Maddrey couldn't even breathe.  The idea of delivering a baby, where breathing is KEY to the process, was not looking like fun. Pippa waited over a week past her due date, trying to be helpful, I'm sure, but finally arrived and was born in under three hours. Job well done. (I might be prejudiced, but I believe she is gorgeous)

And, with Spring actually here, there are other new babies! Our two LaMancha goats, Moonshine and Annie, have both delivered healthy kids. Moonie had twins - a buck and a little female - and they are both ridiculously cute. Annie followed two days later with her own little baby buck.

Our lovely dairy cow, Josie, has also given birth to a lovely little heifer named Esmerelda.

This photo is moments after she was born. The photo below is a couple of days later.

We are awaiting the sheep to deliver their lambs - which could be any minute. Or tomorrow... or in a couple days. You never quite know for sure.

Meanwhile, we have projects getting underway, new adventures for the summer and lots of Big Ideas. Stay tuned.