Sunny Day

After our last big snow storm, I convinced myself that I could "sense" Spring coming. This would be the LAST big snow storm of the winter. I was sure of it. I could feel it in my bones. And then it snowed the next day... And a bit more the day after. 

But I do still believe Spring is coming. It has to, right?

And I'm sure Maddrey is feeling the same way about the baby that is coming - due in the next two weeks, the requisite nine months in the making - it HAS to come, right? At least, that's how I remember feeling when I was pregnant - a mix of "It HAS to come" and "I'm going to be pregnant for the rest of my life..." 

But to give Maddrey a little break, some support from loving friends was called in by our good friend Diana, who created a Blessingway. Now strictly speaking, a Blessingway is a Navaho ritual, deeply spiritual, and filled with meaning. None of us had even heard of such a thing until we came to Maine, oddly. But the magic Google machine provided ideas for creating a ritual specific to our needs. The Mother was to feel pampered, cared for and fully supported. And I am pretty sure we got it done.

All serious Pampering starts with great food, in my opinion...

There are two missing pastries because I couldn't help myself... these were fabulous.

Everyone had been asked to bring a poem or any meaningful words to read, along with two beads that had special meaning. Even Great Grandma (my mother) called in from Texas to read a little poem she found and offered two freshwater pearls for the bead collection. As the words were read, handmade beads, energizing crystals, pearls, precious stones, carved beads of woman and baby, seashells with rich memories attached were each threaded onto a necklace for Maddrey to wear and draw strength from during delivery.

These are our very pretty friends.

2015-02-28 04.48.54_result.jpg

As each person read their offerings, they also wrapped a bit of yarn around one wrist, eventually making a bit of a spiderweb connecting us all - the invisible connection of all women. The yarn was cut and tied - and we will each wear this little bracelet until the baby is born. 

We each got a pretty little candle, to be lit when contractions start - yes, we have a phone tree set up, but I imagine Facebook will start the ball rolling. Each little flame will be spiritual energy from each of us to ease the birth. (Mom, I'll let you know and you can light a candle in Texas)

For even more pampering, Diana created a delightful foot-bath with scented oils and wove a pretty flowered crown into Maddrey's hair.

Oran was there to support Mommy, of course. He's such a guy.

Even in the dead of winter, with six feet of snow drifted up against the doors and windows, we can still have a sunny day with friends to celebrate the coming of this New Life. 

So yes, Spring AND this baby are coming. I promise.

2015-02-28 05.49.04_result.jpg