Craft Night, Thanks to Beth

When the days and nights both look pretty much the same... for days on end... and they look like this -- and yes, the sky was this exact color of pink, I swear -- well, you need to get out. 

So when our friend and Yoga instructor, Beth, corralled another kind and generous friend, Peg, to teach a small group of us how to make Waldorf star dolls, we were in! 

The invitation said to bring treats and/or whiskey. I chose whiskey - well, technically bourbon. Thankfully, others chose to bring treats.

Peg spent a LOT of time in preparation for this class, marking out and stitching pattern pieces, gathering equipment, etc. I am totally envious of her fabulous sewing box and if anyone knows where to find me one like it, shout out! The little doll we will be making is right there, dressed in blue.

And here's another little doll she brought that I'm also dying to make and fill the body with lavender and buckwheat.

Now Peg assured us that the process was pretty simple. It kind of is. But simple almost never means easy... it does take a while... especially when you're having fun. Since we only got as far as making the little heads on this occasion, this will NOT be a tutorial... yet. Once we get it going, we'll do that. But if any of you are like me, and look at these little dolls and think, "well, I could make THAT if I just knew how they did the head..." I'll show you some of the steps.

You'll need to buy a few things - Peg recommends this website - and that's definitely where we're going, too, because they have books and kits and many lovely things that I now want...

The first thing you'll need is this little tube of knit fabric and you simply cut off about 6" of it and tie a very tight little knot at one end and set it aside.

Next, you'll need some nice wool roving (which is basically wool that isn't yarn yet). You create a tiny little pea-sized center ball - seriously, start TINY - and wrap the wool tightly until it's about 5 1/4 inches around. (Thank you to Alana for being a willing hand model...)

Interesting bit about wool fibers - they have little barbs. When you add friction, like agitating your cute sweater in the washing machine, the barbs lock together and the wool is "felted" (and your sweater is ruined).

Using that fabulous bit of information, we take a felting needle - warning, these things are SHARP - and poke, poke, poke, poke into this little wool ball head. As you poke, the barbs will lock and the head will become smaller, and more firm. The little foam block helps you to not stab yourself. I highly recommend not stabbing yourself.

So there are several more steps to producing this little doll's head, which you can see a bit of in the rest of the photos - and if you are REALLY interested, we'll create a more detailed post, so please comment and let us know. Mostly, I like the images of all these women's hands, creating something that is unique and wonderful - each little head is the tiniest bit different. One head is smaller, one has blue eyes, one has a crooked smile. Like each of us.

Can't wait for the next Craft Night. Thanks again to Beth and Peg and everyone who was there to make a snowy winter night into something warm and wonderful.