Why Yes, It IS Still Snowing...

Yeah, so it's Maine. And it's Winter. And it's snowing. While the grandson and I are fairly cozy in the house, Frank is about to pull his hair out.

 I can appreciate the frustration of plowing out trails in the deep snow only to plow them out again the next day... kind of like doing laundry and dishes... for Giants... And due-to-deliver-a-human-being-in-one-month Maddrey is also out galavanting around in the snow (shoveling paths and doing more than your average, reasonable pregnant gal would even consider) But finally last night, I got to tag along while Frank took food down to the cows in the lower pasture - in snowshoes. The snow in that part of the pasture would be about waist deep, but with the snowshoes, we only sank to about mid-calf. It was exhausting and beautiful and I still love Maine.

Our little road stays fairly clear, thanks to the fabulous guys who drive the snowplows at all hours. The banks are a good two feet higher than this now. And we have another big storm coming tonight.

I took this photo a couple of days ago. Today, this chair is COMPLETELY covered and then some.

Yeah, that's a door... that we can't open for a while... And this is our living room window.

Meanwhile, we're still working on the kitchen redo (more photos to come). Oran has already claimed his "hidey spot" in this cabinet. Alas, the cabinet doors to come will kill his dream - or possibly make his hidey spot better... Maddrey is knitting up a storm (photos to come there, too) to prepare for the New Baby due in March, but also poring through the seed catalogues to plan the 2015 garden. 

That's what winter is good for really - planning. It's that time Nature has set aside for us to think, to slow down, to watch the snow and contemplate the beauty of it all.