Storm's A'Comin'

Since 4 or 5 feet of snow apparently isn't enough for Mama Nature this winter, we have yet another Huge Winter Snow Storm headed our way tomorrow night, with the most recent prediction calling for another 3 feet... This requires a little bit of preparation. We bring in some extra wood for the fires, go grocery shopping for the "just in case" stuff, and get gas and diesel for the tractors and generators. Most of that stuff is done anyway. Bringing in more wood is ongoing all winter. 

The frustration is in having to plow and dig your way around just to get to the point where you CAN do the chores.

Of course, the geese (The Count, Duchess and Tallulah) are always willing to have an opinion and direct traffic...


Frank decided to put in some extra time this morning to work with one of our Haflinger ponies, Greta. He's basically RE-starting her for driving... well, for pulling, so she can help him haul logs in from the woods.

Step One is catching her, which doesn't appear to be a problem. (Greta adores him) Then we hope her 'sister' Heidi doesn't get hysterical when Greta leaves the pen (she didn't).

...and there's always an audience... Yes, that's an Alpaca.

Step Two is to simply walk Greta through the woods on one of the routes she'll be taking with the sled. There are carrots in every one of Frank's pockets as a reward for getting to one end or the other.

Walk to Point A, get carrots. Walk to Point B, get carrots. Rough life, girl.

Step Three: Do it again tomorrow...