A Blustery Day and Butter

The snow has been going nonstop since morning, blanketing the ground, the cars, the hoop houses in the garden... well, everything actually. It's beautiful and makes some chores easier, oddly enough, because we can drag things in sleds. (I use the Royal "we" meaning mostly Frank and Maddrey. THIS "We" stays in the house with the grandbaby).

But the cow and goat still get milked and we still need to filter the milk, scoop off the cream after it separates and jar it up. When we have enough jars, like we do today, we make beautiful, fresh butter.

We make our butter just like Laura Ingalls Wilder did - if she had a very high-tech blender...

Really, the blender is the only part where we "cheat." It's basically extremely fast churning... You still have to watch it carefully. Not too much so it effectively melts onto itself and not too little so it's merely whipped. Like right here - this is just whipped.

Where as this (below) is butter-ish. You'll see it change color just a tiny bit, from Milk White to Butter Yellow - only not the store-bought Yellow, the Real Butter Yellow. It's much more gentle.

Pour it through the cheese cloth (you'll have placed a bowl underneath to catch the genuine Buttermilk, which you will use later for Genuine Buttermilk Biscuits).

Then you PRESS out the extra liquid. Press and press and press.

Got it all pressed out? Now you rinse it with cold water till it runs pretty clear. You want to get all the excess milk out so it keeps longer, as I understand it.

Put it into a bowl and PRESS some more. See that little bit of liquid still coming out? Get that out of there.

And there's your butter. If you like it salted, now's the time to stir in a pinch. Otherwise, seal it tight and put it in the refrigerator to firm up. Or, if you're Laura Ingalls Wilder, put it in the rootcellar or the cold stream that runs near the cabin...