And a Happy New Year

Although a lot of rain hung up several projects, we finally got a few sunny days together and then a good snow. Plus,the baby is over the teething madness he was going through - cutting molars in all four gums.  

Frank and Maddrey have been busy building and painting new cabinets for the kitchen. We're doing a semi-demolition, partly to make it safer for two toddlers - what with the New Baby due in March - but also because Oran can easily reach into the oddly-low sink and can get his hands on things Not-Baby-Safe. So we get higher counters, a higher sink. Frank is busting out the old shelves that we laughably call a pantry and is installing an ACTUAL pantry that is baby-proof. I cannot wait.


Maddrey still manages to cook wonderful surprises - her latest is this "Dutch Baby" breakfast, which she swears is super simple. Eggs, flour, milk, pre-heated cast-iron pan and some butter. Top it with the fruit of your choice (this one is peaches with some maple syrup, cooked into a nice glaze). 

The wood stove in the basement is back in use, now that it's colder, which means the fodder is getting the temperature it likes best. And the results are stellar. Fresh greens in the dead of winter for all the animals! 

Maddrey has spent the last several days surrounded by wool fleeces. She cleaned the fleeces from our own sheep, which were taken to the mill to be processed into roving and yarn. We are very excited to see the results and then we'll tell you more about the mill. She had some other fleeces that she's been carding herself for a needle-felting project - teaching a group of 4-H kids, I think. The wool is gorgeous and will make lovely little needle-felted mice! 


She also managed to whip up a knitted doll's hooded cape for our friend's daughter.


So projects continue, to paraphrase the postal service motto - neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these farmers from their appointed chores...