Dovetail Family Farm is located in Steuben, ME. Over 72 acres of pasture, woodlands, blueberries and streams. We are a diversified family farm, which means that we produce a wide variety of offerings, and all of the farm's "employees" are the family.  We are homesteading right now with a fabulous garden and a good collection of animals including:

  • several breeds and generations of horses (because they're amazing)

  • a variety of chicken breeds (for fresh eggs and meat)

  • a couple of breeds of ducks (to keep the mosquito population down and meat)

  • a few peabirds (two males, two females - for general cuteness)

  • goats (for milk, brush-clearing and cuteness)

  • cows (a milk cow, her son who is learning to be oxen and a young bull for "services" and meat)

  • hard working dogs (to wake us up at night...)

  • less-than-enthusiastic cats

We are still building and growing - this farm stuff takes a lot of time and work when you start from scratch. But our Raspberry Pick-Your-Own should be going in 2020 - we had our first bumper crop this year. Our sheep flock is growing by leaps and bounds. And our horses are always ready for fun.

Lamb, wool sheep and wool in various forms are all available at various times.

We offer Equine Dentistry for your horse's health: give us a shout for more information.  Frank serves Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire.  Read about his Equine Dentistry here.

We have lesson horses and lease horses available. All ages are welcome. If you are interested in learning more about our lesson or lease program, please give us a shout. 

Maddrey is working toward her advanced nursing degrees, but spinning yarn and creating beautiful wool roving from our coated sheep.

Norma - Frank's mom - is an artist and writer who manages this website, Frank's website, our Facebook page, Instagram, writing blog posts and will learn to take decent photographs for the farm.  She used to write for television, if you're interested - click here. She also returned from a two-month television job in Moscow, Russia, and blogged about here. Also, check out this blog post about all her various cottage industries and art.

Blue two-story house and yard

Blue two-story house and yard