Norma is a writer, producer, director and, now, farmer and grandma. After a career in television spanning over 25 years, and ranging from great dramas ("St. Elsewhere") to great comedies ("Roseanne") she has recently uprooted and moved to Maine to join the family farming adventure, write about farming, and probably work on a book and another screenplay. She has always dreamed of owning a farm, from the first time she helped feed the cattle on her stepfather's ranch in Texas. She got a late start riding horses, but jumped in with both feet and competed in Hunter/Jumpers for 15 years.  A challenging (and talented) horse caused her to turn to Parelli Natural Horsemanship and she is a Level Two graduate ("old" Level Two, which is now about Level 4, it seems...).  She worked for Parelli in their Events Department, managing their volunteer program where she was able to increase Tour attendance by 40%.  She created the Daily Parelli blog, (which she handed off to a new social media team) and wrote many articles for the Savvy Times.  She'll be writing most of the blog posts and Facebooks posts here.