Frank is a farmer, equine dentist, carpenter, Chicken Whisperer and Josie the cow's whole world.

He started his relationship with horses in California at a very young age.  Lucky to be born into a horse loving family - his father was a natural horsemanship trainer and his mother, a writer both for Hollywood and natural horsemanship publications with a love of riding jumpers.  Frank started in the hunter-jumper world and by his early teens showed an ability to work with abused and misunderstood horses, earning trust and finding success with them in the jumping arena.  The showing aspect of the horse world soon was eclipsed by his interest in developing his horsemanship and finding ways to connect with damaged horses as well as advance his creative skills with some very talented animals.

Bareback rider on stallion

This journey led him through Parelli Natural Horsemanship to a focus on Classical Dressage, Colt Starting, Breeding and, finally, the resonant note that is essential to working with any equine: health.

Frank expanded his knowledge of biomechanics, which started in dressage, to include hoof balancing and trimming, working with a nutritionist and expanding into treatment of horses with endocrine disorders.  While residing in Pennsylvania and working with 15 horses he was very disappointed by damage done to several horses by the most highly recommended equine dentist in the area.  The damage was severe:  weight loss and partial liver failure ensued within days.  Having witnessed and attended lectures on dentistry in Colorado at the Parelli Study Center, Frank enrolled in dentistry classes and began to add this piece to the whole horse health equation.  In the last 5 years, Frank has developed a clientele that ranges up the east coast from Pennsylvania to his new home in Maine.  His reputation is that of being patient, accurate, thorough and gentle, while developing a relationship with the horse and creating a positive dental experience that leaves the horse relaxed and easier to work with year after year. 

For more information, answers to questions or to schedule an appointment for YOUR horse, you may call 207-546-3505 - although you’ll probably get voicemail, because Frank’s out working.  Your best chance is e-mail, and let us know a good time to get back to you.

Equine dentist at work